Meet our team

Eva Marks

“What makes Rock and Roll Daycare a wonderful place to work and learn is the small, intimate, and family-friendly learning environment for my families and staff. I find inspiration from the music-based curriculum combined with the Montessori approach that encourages a child’s development and growth.

My favorite part of being a Center Director is meeting the needs of my staff and families through encouragement and support.”


Christine Ashman

I am excited to be joining the team at Broadway. I am thankful to be part of opening a new center and for working for a company that values teachers. Rock and Roll Daycare places a high priority on staff professional development to keep our educational environment top quality.

As Program Specialist I will be an integral part of supporting our teaching team. I bring over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, which I will use to mentor the team. I have a Master’s of Education in Early Education and Special Education, and I look forward to sharing techniques, as well as learning new methods.”

Meet our operator

TQ believes that music brings life to childhood

Toquyen Zorn is passionate about creating spaces where children can develop their true potential

Hello everyone,

We are TQ and Christian along with our children JZ and Skylar sending you and your family our warmest regards. We hope everyone is staying healthy.

6 years ago, we led a corporate life with long hours in large Boston offices and often felt something was missing from our lives. Then we took a chance on a free-lance job in LA, had our first born and were thrust into the world of parenthood. That’s when our journey led us to many self realizations. We wanted to combine our passion for early education and entrepreneurship. We spent countless hours researching daycares. Another crossed country move later for another assignment in New York city, we stumbled upon Mozart for Munchkins, a concert series specifically geared toward infants to kindergarteners. Seeing how our son swayed and danced to Bach, Mozart and Gershwin’s music, how his face lit up while he marveled at the violin and the tuba during the instruments petting zoo; we were convinced that music has a profound impact on young children’s cerebral development. Little did we know that when we moved back to Boston to be closer to family that our journey would lead us to bringing Mozart for Munchkins here, eventually discovering Rock and Roll Daycare, and be presented with the opportunity to continue the stewardship of music montessori early education developed by Chris Vuk and team.

We are very excited for this new adventure. We are fully invested in the success of each and every member of the Rock and Roll family: as operators, as parents, and as members of the community.

We’d love for your family to meet ours

We serve children aged 0 to 6. Come visit our amazing school in Broadway!